Sunday, October 30, 2011

**Review** "Someone Like You" by Sarah Dessen

Someone Like You

I am not one to normally read a young adult novel. But this one was really good. It was recommended to me for my MOMS Club book club that I coordinate. My friend is not one who normally recommends books. She, like many other people, gets nervous about recommending books for fear that what she liked will not be the same as what other people like to read. She rented this on her kindle ereader and recommended it to me. I checked it out from the library, as my Kindle Fire is on the way, assuming that it is either being built or built and awaiting shipping. I really enjoyed it.

"Someone Like You" is about a pair of teen girls, 15 and 16, who are best friends. Halley, the 15yr old, goes to camp for two weeks of the summer and her friend Scarlett, is home working at the market and spending time with her boyfriend. When tragedy strikes and Scarlett's boyfriend is killed in a motorcycle accident, Halley comes home from camp early to comfort her best friend. The girls start school again and things start changing. Halley befriends the school bad boy which is also Scarlett's deceased boyfriend best friend.  At the same time Halley and Scarlett discover that Scarlett is pregnant with her boyfriends' baby. The girls have hurdles to jump and decisions to make. Will Halley become a "bad girl" herself or stay the good girl that she is. Will Scarlett keep the baby or have an abortion like her mother wants her to do.

I really enjoyed the book. I must admit there were times that I was thinking "oh come on... really??" But then I had to remember, I am much older than the typical reading age for this type of book. It was a good story, good plot, captivating characters, and good intentions for the book. There were a few tiny stories that were started that I would have like to see where those had gone. But doesn't every book have those. :) I certainly will pick up another book my Sarah Dessen! It was a nice book to read that wasn't my typical Tudor style, or "who done it" style, or sappy romance style.

Ahhh as of tomorrow 16 days till my Kindle Fire! Just saying.

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