Friday, July 6, 2012

"Left Neglected" and "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova Reviews

Still Alice

So a year ago I read "Still Alice" and then "Left Neglected" by Lisa Genova. But with her new book "Love Anthony" due to release in September 25, 2012, I wanted to finally post my review about these two books. They have resonated in my mind even a year later.

"Still Alice" was a book I chose for my mom's club (a group of stay at home moms that support one another with life and children) book club read. Oh wow... so many loved it. I in particular. My grandfather suffered from Alzheimer's such as this character in the book. In "Still Alice" the main character has been diagnosed with having a type of Alzheimer's. She is a successful professor, published articles, and has a happy marriage. But soon she starts forgetting more and more all the time. It is a story about her life going through this disease. It touched me alot to hear about her troubles. And having a grandfather that suffered, it was interesting to see the other side of it. It was a moving book and one that I will keep recommending to others.

Left Neglected
 Immediately after finishing "Still Alice" I ran to the library to see more from this author. I found "Left Neglected". What a FANTASTIC book! It was absolutely by far one of the best books that I have read in a long time. I totally found it interesting to read about a trauma such as Left Neglect. So left neglect is where your brain can not process things on the left side of your body. It thinks that let's say... you move your left hand but in reality it is just dangling at your side or in the case Sarah, the main character, its stuck in her pants! While I was reading, I would look up and try to invision the left side being gone. Or being there but I can't tell. Sarah tries to cope with life and her kids and her husband with finding the boundries of this trauma.
Love Anthony

So surely you can see my excitement for the next novel "Love Anthony" which is about an 8yr old with autism. Yay September 25th can't come soon enough!!!

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  1. Hi Jeanna, stopping by from the book blogger hop but I saw this post and just HAD to comment! I did the exact same thing, I read Still Alice and fell in love. Then I ran to the library to get Left Neglected :) GREAT books, fantastic author. I didn't know she had another coming out, I'll be looking forward to that!