Thursday, July 5, 2012

"The Lying Game" series review

I recently came across someone at the gym reading a book that just looked interesting. I am a big fan of "judging a book by its cover" when it comes to books. I checked my local library and lucky me... they had it. It was a young adult series called "The Lying Game" by Sara Shepard.

Fantastic book!!! It was about a girl who finds out she has a twin. After some investigating, she arranges to meet with her. What little does she know at the beginning is this twin has been murdered and she walks right in to her life and has been threatened to live as her twin and not say a word. But intertwined in this story is the dead twin is following her. She has no memory of how she died or some parts of her life.

It was a great way to spin a story. Really interesting. But the best part was how the ending really doesn't end. Hence book two... "Never Have I Ever". Off to the library I go... and look at that!!! It was like it was waiting for me to check out!

A great sequel to the first book. More mystery, more great story lines, more eliminations of potential murders and yet more suspects appear. Really well written. I absolutely love how there are story lines with in story lines. I read it super fast because I couldn't wait to find out what happens. Emma (alive twin) and Sutton (dead twin) continue their discoveries of who done it! As soon as I was half way through the book I looked online at the library copies of book 3 "Two Truths and a Lie". Oh no... there was a waiting list. So I jumped on it and finished up book 2. Lucky me again, the book 3 was available the day I was finishing up book 2. How wonderful!!!

 Again the intertwined stories were good. The who done it kept me guessing. I think I know who may have killed Sutton at this point, but not completely sure. Because I have thought a few people may have but then turned out innocent. This is a good series. And it is teen lit which is sometimes a nice switch from some of the other books that I read. I can not wait for book 4 to come out as sadly it is not out yet. BooHoo... But on the flip side. I did get four of my friends to start the series with me. They all enjoyed the series and we had a good time passing the books around before I had to return them to the library. Needless to say... Sara Shepard, you have five new fans.


  1. My youngest daughter is very much into The Pretty Little Liars series, I'll have to mention this one to her, thanks!

    1. Thank you stopping by! You know... Lying Game was great. Even for older readers ;-) Im 36 and it was a great series.